Ebrington Parish

Covering Charingworth, Ebrington, Hidcote Bartrim and Hidcote Boyce

Ebrington Residents' Association


  • to enable a channel of communication between residents and Ebrington Parish Council
  • to support and co-operate with the Parish Council on parish matters
  • to increase our list of email contacts so as to inform as many residents as possible when matters of significance arise and seek their views

Subscription is £1 per person per year, payable at or following the Annual General Meeting, which is open to all residents of Ebrington parish (including Charingworth, Hidcote Bartrim, Hidcote Boyce). The 2017 AGM and Open Meeting will be on Thursday 23rd November at 7.30 pm in Ebrington Village Hall.

Enquiries to the Secretary at: ebringtonra@btinternet.com