Ebrington Parish

Covering Charingworth, Ebrington, Hidcote Bartrim and Hidcote Boyce

Financial Information

Annual Financial Reports

Budget & Precept Setting

Every year, Ebrington parish council draws up a budget based on how much money it wants to spend in the next financial year and sometimes future in years if a long term project is planned.

The budgeted spend, less money left from the previous year, leads to a precept. This is the element of your council tax bill that is paid to parish council.

The precept is submitted to Cotswold district council at the end of January each year. It is added to the council tax demands from Cotswold district council, Gloucestershire county council and the police, forming a council tax rate for all of the households in the parish for the financial year begining on 1st April.

Financial Regulations

Payment Schedules