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Hello Ebrington from Margaret and Pearl.

Today we celebrate the end of the Second World War with the surrender of the Japanese 75 years ago. Here we are in the middle of a coronavirus crisis having suffered months of extreme weather events and restrictions to our daily life. We find recorded history tells us how remarkably alike the years of 1945 and 2020 are. In 1945, Ebrington Parish was not only "war-weary" but also "weather-weary", with Christmas Day being the coldest on record for 52 years. January had been a grim month with deep snow and very low temperatures. The School had suffered badly with the 70 pupils in classrooms at freezing point, epidemics of measles, and burst pipes in the Infants cloakroom. Under these circumstances, the children were very pleased to receive twelve pairs of wellington boots from the WVS, distributed to children who travelled the farthest distance each day. This year, 2020, has also experienced extremes of weather, remember the atrocious wet winter, the floods and then the remarkable high temperatures of early spring and now summer. Thankfully no measles!!

By August 1945 Ebrington had already celebrated VE Day in May and World peace came at last 75 years ago today. To mark the occasion the children of the parish were treated to a tea, despite strict food rationing, which was followed by games in the evening. Thankfully, after more than 2000 nights of blackout the lights in the village could now be switched on. The customary Flower Show and Sports that year was organised by various village committees and dedicated as a "Victory Flower Show" as a thanks to all the Ebrington men who had fought for our freedom including those who had lost their lives. An excellent display of produce was staged with classes also for flowers, preserves, jams and honey. Sadly, only a virtual Flower Show in 2020 due to the virus.

As in 1945, when the Evesham Journal stated, "There are great tasks ahead and many problems to solve" and challenged everyone "to go forward with courage and optimism", 75 years later this sentiment, with the pandemic still a threat, is as relevant today as then.

In the hope for lasting peace let us remember the words of our Ebrington children sung at their Millennium concert in 2000:

"Children just want peace

Oh, peace in our time

Peace in our world

In your world and mine."

Posted: Sat, 15 Aug 2020 17:57 by Daphne Law

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